We understand that man can not live lonely in the planet, so ThanhPhuc wish to cooperate and make friend with all companies, local and foreign for the purpose of learning each other, make profit mutually, and ‘win win’.

The strong points of the company :
Being the leading company in Vietnam in the sector of production and distribution brick production line, We have the distribution network in the whole country.
Geographical position, warehouse area :
The total area of work is 30 000 m2, has access both to the road and river, situated at 8 km from Haiphong port (the biggest port of the North Vietnam), 12 km far from the high way Hanoi – Haiphong, 14 km far from Cat Bi airport . The show room can expose from 3 to 5 host machines of the brick production line. We often receive the container from Haiphong port and transport to other provinces in the North and the Central Vietnam in less than 24h. We also receive the spare parts via Noibai airport and deliver to all other provinces of Vietnam by sea and air.
The Warranty network extend in the whole country :

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The staff of high qualified technicians and mechanical engineers have long experiences of assemblage, regulate,
replace mold, and spare parts, etc…in three sectors :automatic electricity, mechanic and hydro press.
The CNC machines We have can produce the single spare part, with high accurate level to replace the wrong one.


Logistic, import export staff :
The logistic staff has experiences in : prepare the commercial contract , open L/C lemer and contact with foreign clients, partners
in English, French, and Chinese. We are also familiar to the Customs clearance, transport the products from the port to the company
warehouse and to our customers.
Marketing staff

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The Marketing staff are professional in : prepare Website in both Vietnamese and English, often update it.
Design the catalogue in Vietnamese and English.
Lead the Marketing on line, follow company face book and E mail marketing.
Communicate with foreign clients by E mail and telephone by English and Chinese.


Technical and quality Control Department ::

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Make the technical drawing to produce the host machine and other supplement parts. Make the technical drawing on the individual and special of the customer. Check the quality of finished product before deliver to the customers.

Relationship with the Administration :

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We have good relationship with the Administration from Central to Local in the sector of non fired brick production: Ministry of Construction, Vietnam Association of Construction Material, Department of construction of provinces. We know deeply the law and regularizations of Vietnam in the concerned sector.

Financial capacity :
We have good relationship with the banks , mobilize capital and borrow money about 1 million USD in short time(10 -15 days).
Sign the contract of exclusive distributor in Vietnam
Sign the contract of assemblage, regulate and ater sale service with foreign company Import, Export and Logistc service Produce the supplement part, machine, etc…to complete the brick production line basing on the technical drawing and requirements of foreign companies. ( See annex )



We commit the same quality and service at the highest level to all clients. However We will personally see and study the particular demand of each customer: due to the raw material sources, advantages of the province, habit of the customers…. We are ready to adjust certain technical data to get the highest level of satisfaction from our customers. Since 1997, We have produced and exported the machine and production line according to the technical drawing of the customers who are the foreign groups from the developed countries such as : South Korea, Australia, Japan…the South East Asia countries such as : Laos, Cambodia , Myanmar,... and Africa countries : Angola, Mozambique...

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