Thanh phuc is Vietnam’s only scientific and technological business whose rich experience in brick making began 1991 and machinery manufacture began 1993. We are proud to be the leading brick maker and brick machine manufacturer in Vietnam
Thanh phuc manufactures series of machines by high- tech CNC with master of design , fabrication and manufature from the tiniest for satisfying our customer’s strictest demand.
Thanhphuc offer 12 month warranty from the tiniest such as: bolts, o-rings to the biggest that outstandingly and advantageously differs us from other suppliers whose 12 month warranty only applied to separate items like machinery system, 9 month warranty for hydraulic system, 6month warranty for electric system . Thanhphuc strongly pledges globally our speediest warranty spareparts delivery thanks to our favorable locations spreading day by day.
Thanhphuc always improves machinery technology by constant hi-tech production investments such as CO2 welding machine, Plasma steel cutting machine, Nitogen carbon dioxide hardening and absorbing furnace…to ensure our products highest quality, longest shell-life, high artistic- manner and most reasonable price.
Thanhphuc sends (nationally) engineers to check Thanhphuc-supplied machines, operation process, warranty and problems solving periodically: Northern-within 12 hours, The Middle-within24 hours; Southern –within 36hours.

Thanhphuc has affirmed its brand and global quality through growing orders from developed countries such as Korea, Japan, Australia, Portugal, southeast asia: Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar; Africa: Angola, Mozambique, other: Bangladesh. Our partners appriciate the quality, shelllife and artistic manner of the products.

Thanhphuc not only sells brick machines but also transfers technology, management, brand regconization and development value.
Thanhphuc has made many perfect full technology transfers which ranges from manpower training, production line operation training, production management, advertisement and promotion such as website, catalogue, logo, name cards…to customers
Thanh Phuc always the first criteria: BENEFITS OF CUSTOMER BENEFIT OF YOURSELF
Nitrogen Carbon heat-treat



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