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Corporate governance in the digital age

Mr. Do Truong Khanh "My view in corporate governance is that it needs to be standardized from the beginning, so as soon as the Elmich Group was established in Vietnam, we invested in the ERP system. The solution is a right decision. ITG is a reliable and long term partner. "

Mr. Do Truong Khanh

CEO of Elmich Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Mr. Chen Hoan Sinh "3S ERP is a comprehensive enterprise management solution that connects all business operations and departments with closed business processes, from market management, leads and sales to sales. , Supply activities to finance accounting and human resources management. "

Mr. Chen Hoan Sinh

Director of Salonzo Cosmetics JSC

Mr. Hoa Quang Thiep "The application of 3S ERP system helps Sivico to keep up-to-date and complete information from the general overview of production and business activities, which is extremely important for business owners and management. You can hardly make the right decision without the information. "

Mr. Hoa Quang Thiep

General Director of Sivico Packaging Company

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